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The new FT conveyor system by SSI Schaefer more than meets the requirements of the customer. Ergonomic lateral frames make working on the conveyor system easy on the operator. Inside there is enough space to accommodate several data lines, power cables and air supply. The rollers can be simply clipped on. This makes it easy to replace the rollers. The system is driven by belts that have proven there robustness in day to day operation in numerous industries and branches. New light sensors control the conveyor system. As they can be freely configured they can be used in a wide range of conveyor applications. Stopper elements are designed to stop immediate the conveyed item at any place along the line. Belt diverters move the conveyed items sideways. The modular design allows the individual support unit to be removed and reinstalled for maintenance and replaced it in a matter of minutes. The roller swift acts as a converter or distribution and merging unit within the conveyor. With a speed of up to 6000 totes per hour the system provides a maximum of efficiency.