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Подробнее о выходе приложения на сайте wwww.sklad-man.ru «Sklad Management» company was founded in august 2010. Due to the experience of its founders, as well as its major employees, «Sklad Management» made over 100 successful deals in the warehousing lease and sales transactiaons during the first two year of operation. The total space on lease and purchase transactions made up over 350 000 sq.m. Starting with the first quarter of 2012, «Sklad-Management» found leaseholders and buyers for 98 000 sq.m of warehousing real estate facilities. Currently, the majority of Moscow and Moscow region developers are already «Sklad Management» clients. With the help of «Sklad Management» such companies as MTD Products Inc, Pepsi Co, DB Schenker Russia, Jokey Plastic Rus, Coca Cola, Alvisa, Adidas, Studio Moderna, «Kant», «Marvel» and some others, became leaseholders and owners of several Moscow region warehousing facilities. Due to «Sklad-Management» active cooperation, Wildberries.ru, „ «Fort» and «Logistics Leader» companies took lease of several Moscow region warehousing complexes. By the results of the first 2012 quater, these deals became highly important ones on the warehousing real estate market. «Sklad-Management» is profoundly competent in the Moscow region warehousing and manufacturing real estate business, which allows it to render services on the highly professional level. In total, «Sklad-Management» team members have dealt with over 1 million sq.m. The company experts are